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Home Composting Program

Turnkey program on domestic composting

Nova Envirocom has developed a unique composting program in Quebec. Reducing waste and disposal of organic materials, household composting is without a doubt the most economical and ecological approach for reducing waste and disposing of organic materials.

Since 1995, the turnkey program on home composting has been implemented in several hundred municipalities in Quebec. This program is easy to implement and combines two complementary elements: composter distribution and public training. Take advantage of this unique composting program, which includes:

  • Composters delivered in batches of 20 units
  • Training and consulting services
  • Composter delivery at the address specified
  • A toll free customer service information hotline for the individuals who purchase a composter

For more information, download the following documents:

  • Presentation brochure:
    "How to reduce organic waste disposal"
  • Specification sheet on the "Free Garden Earth" composter
  • Content of the workshop on domestic composting
  • How to implement the composting program in your neighbourhood
  • Cost of composters and training
    Information on available products (aerators, kitchen scrap pails, best-selling guide (in french only) « Le compostage facilité »)