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At NOVA, we constantly seek solutions to answer today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

NOVA is specialised in the distribution of compostable dishware, bags and other packaging in Québec and Ontario. As a catalyzer for change, the team at NOVA strives to simplify to the maximum the reduction of waste at the source.

We are conscious of the efforts required by healthy environmental practices in your business. We are thus engaged to be available, transparent and innovative. Our contribution to the wellbeing of society lies in the heart of our commercial activities.

Proud supplier of compostable products for :

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Our history

A pioneering enterprise in the initiatives for compostable materials, NOVA was founded in 1995 by one of the leading environmental activists, Mr Pierre Morency. As a supplier of specialised equipment and innovative food packaging products (fiber and bioplastics), NOVA is a precursor in its domain.

The very essence of NOVA is to promote the healthy management of residual matter in a perspective of sustainable development. During the creation of our enterprise, Pierre Morency had in his heart to make it a model for conciliating economic and social development with environmental protection. Through its multiple implications and realisations, NOVA continues to be a leading authority of sustainable development.

Our engagements towards sustainable development

Established in Sherbrooke, in the heart of the eastern townships, our entreprise contributes to the environmental effervescence for which the region is known. Our sustainable development policy reflects the engagement of our business on the whole spectrum of social, environmental and economic dynamics.

We are engaged towards:

  • Considering people, planet and profits in our decision making, purchasing practices and company investments

  • Managing our activities responsibly: healthy and safe working environments, reduced energy consumption and GHG emissions, and waste management guided by the 3RV principles.

  • Measuring our impact towards sustainable development with environmental, social and economic performance metrics.

  • And most of all, adopting an organic, participative and iterative approach around sustainable development with all of our stakeholders.
  1. Building and maintaining simple and adapted tools so that employees can appropriate and influence the future orientations of the organisation.

  2. Efficiently inform our engagements and results toward sustainable development.

  3. Orchestrate the participation of employees and stakeholders in the continuous improvement of our sustainable development initiatives.

NOVA has obtained the external accreditation On s’engage en développement durable as well as ICI on recycle !Which illustrate its engagements. The compostable utensils that we offer have been certified by BPI.

Certification ADDERE Accréditation Recyc-Québec Certification BPI