NOVA Envirocom, environmental product wholesaler as compostable tableware, rollout carts, recycle and trash bins, recycling stations, home composting equipment combined with a training program. With its substantial network of support and team of experienced professionals, NOVA Envirocom offers quality products and services to address the issues surrounding residual materials. Furthermore, Nova Envirocom manufacture its own line of battery collectors and recycling stations,

NOVA Envirocom combines education and tools

  • Education: A turnkey training program on home composting that includes instructor-led workshops and instructional material.
  • Tools: A complete line of recycling and composting bins, water saving systems, street furniture as well as biodegradable products, including dishes, containers and bags.


  • Publication of the first official guide on household composting aimed at Quebec’s overall population as well as at municipalities and MRCs. The guide is available free of charge on Recyc-Québec’s Web site and is sold throughout Quebec
  • Assembling the largest team of instructors teaching across Quebec
  • Four-time finalist of the Phénix de l’environnement award
  • Performing phase 1 of Montreal’s centralized selective collection pilot project
  • Recyc-Québec Tour
  • Training workshops given in rural Quebec with the help of the FAQDD
  • Recipient of the Gala Reconnaissance Estrie award "Social Responsibility"
  • Recipient of Les Prix québécois de l'entreprise citoyenne award "Coup de coeur"
  • Recipient of the award Excellence en Environnement Cantons-de-l'Est 2009, category "small business or institution"

NOVA Envirocom has implemented composting related education programs in 700 Quebec municipalities

Domestic Composting:

  • Over 50 000 Quebecers have taken the training since 1995.